3 Dec 2017

Two parallel path, leading to Story Swap

First, Paul White, Chief Ambassador of the second Pilot District, 27 from Virginia, near Washington DC, created as HPL program 3 Storytelling Toastmasters clubs. Witty Storytellers Online was created in June 2017 and chartered in September. That is represented by the second tree. In June also this year, the three clubs hold a StorySwap in Virginia, the third tree.

Yesterday, we held the first Story Festival together, some telling stories from onground, others from online clubs. With somethings we learned to do and others not, it went really well and we have record. Many interesting and divers stories told alternatively from the room and from Zoom coming in from different countries as far as west Canada coast all the way to New Zealand, other American cities, Uzbekistan's Samerkand, and European cities, London, Cologne. Guest arrived even from Nigeria, Malaysia and so on. All telling stories, all enjoying and listening to them.

Recording will come, if many of you comment, ask for it. Perhaps in stories for some of us, one by one. Two hours passed so fast when we were there, but it is not to include in a blog.

All this started with Paul White initiative: let us go through our next path with Storytelling in mind, and finish them with a StorySwap in December. He just finished his Presentation Mastery Path and begun to speak professionally, and I finished the Visionary Communication Path, and went on to show and speak about Pathways all over the word. In this blog, through Panels and Q/A webinars too. And creating with Michelle, the Pathways Discussion Forum, as for me moderating it, animating it daily.

For me "animating" means to answer to questions and try to invite others also who may know better some answers. Interacting with those commenting and posting.

For this festival, both of us begun a New Path, dedicated all to show along the importance of Storytelling and culminating in the 2nd December festival. For Paul, it was the Visionary Communication, and indeed, he had a vision. As for me, I have chosen the Leadership Development, specially because it was leading to Organise a Festival, a bigger event at Level 5.

It will continue, and next, for January 2018 a new Pathways Panel Storytelling was decided, and in February 2018 a new Story Swap, this time organised by online clubs inviting the storytellers who hosted us and more. A Path does not stop when we finished the 5th Level, it just begins to be applied in "real life" or other situations. 


Magda said...

This blog is starting with the history of three clubs.
It is about clubs working together in a story “swap.” I assume it is an exchange of stories.
Right here, I missed some information. What kinds of stories?
I did not fully understand the meaning of this sentence. I know what moderating is, what I don’t understand is the “animating” it daily.

I am also unsure if in January (last?) “January a new Pathways Panel Storytelling was decided.” Who decided this? Was it TMI?
I also think it would have helped to give more information on the February story “swap.”

This blog is a teaser to think of what projects one can do after your official Path is done.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you Magda for asking precisions when the text is not clear enough.
The 2 of December, we had different stories.
Those from Witty Storytellers Online personal stories and most of those onsite too, but some told us (one or two) stories not personal. Yet others very funny stories.

We had a Panel last Thursday, at Witty Storytellers Regular time, organised by the Pathways Discussion Forum Administrator, Michelle Alba-Lim, with many of us from Witty Storytellers, plus 2 from outside clubs, a Guide and a Chief Pathways Ambassador in the Panel. It is us, the six panelists and Michelle who decided to offer regular Panel discussions about Pathways from now on, help those interested. Last panel, we got 50 participants.

All Paths are "official" there is no "unofficial" path. One can, I do believe begin even the first one thinking of "What would I like to achieve"? But yes, it is easier when one have finished one path, as one understand better it's inner working.

Magda said...

Thank you for the clarification, Julie. That is the sign of a committed blogger. It is showing me that you are interested in your audience, their opinions, and even questions.