18 Dec 2017

Ambassador? Guide?

I was now named officially - again - Pathways Ambassador and can begin my "official" new journey at "my clubs" from the Area plus a few others. 
I am now at level 5 of my Leadership Development and I was prepared to give Tuesday the Reflect on Your Path speech, the last one from each path. I decided this morning, I will tell another story instead. 

I want to be able to show in January, without having to take it out from the Completed Speeches a whole Path through Zoom Screen Sharing to those who need to see it. Also show, how having three path, I could offer a speech at various levels. One at Level 1, one at level 4 too. I have of course just read, one can give a speech from any level under the one we are, or inside a level in any order. The only exceptions are the First and the Last speech, the Icebreaker and the Reflect on your Path: those two can be given only at the beginning (and not go farther till you got it) and the other only at the end, after finished all of them.

As Pathways Ambassador, I will be able to create my own, the one the guide with which I work needs, the club or the vpe needs most, adapting it each time. Most of them will be Virtual Training: offering answers mostly to questions asked. And yes, showing my Basecamp projects. 

Here are the levels I finished since July, and showing only those from D27. The one for D7 that I joined recently, are in an other place. At first, I finished the level 4 of Visionary Communication, in July, lingered longer at level 5 as I had huge dreams and had to decide that I will do - what depends on me. And I am still doing it even after "closing" beginning of September. In fact, I begun Presentation Mastery at 26 March, but finished it only (bumpy path) beginning of November. 

Effective Coaching, level 1 in July, I am not at level 4 and it will take long to finish it.
Leadership Development, first Icebreaker given 1st September, my 2nd preferred path.
And yes, the Dynamic Leadership is brand new, and no, it is not me who finished l1 yet. I will be able to "give" future awards to my District 91 where I live and even to my Online Club where I am VPE: already 75% of our members are "on" pathways!

I had and have in all 5 path, and three still active, three I could retrieve any time.

As someone experienced in BaseCamp and Paths and Projects, I can help all who need it in my District launching in March and I have begun preparing it already. Contacting Area directors, contacting the three guides I am assigned to for different clubs. Thinking, how I could help.

Any other Ambassadors reading this post? Can you tell me how you did and what was most important to help the launch?

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