9 Dec 2017

Things change: we love change, do we?

I am not speaking now of huge changes, like from the "old program" to Pathways, but of the small changes that, finally, appear inside Pathways and to the way to arrive there. 

I was happy to see that we can now access Pathways without going, as before, through the Education tab on the TMI website. Because of it many who had a slide-show will have to change that slide "how to enter".
I published that image already, but at the bottom of a post. Here is how the entry point looks now for me. I did not realize that when you hold the Pathways, this menus come on grey. I tried "Access your path through Base Camp" and "Go to Base Camp": did not see any difference. They both open up this for me, letting me chose the club I want to be this time my "main pathways club". 
For the Base Camp Managers there is a separate choice so they can enter either as Member or as Base Camp Manager. 

This image is from an Iphone, where the three options are seen one under other, not one near the other.

Attention! If you entered as Base camp manager, you have to log out and log in again as Member. And one has to go back all the way to the TMI or had to as the paths and projects are on a site that is not able to recognize us. For the moment.

In the Icebreaker, there is now a page that explains how to navigate in the Projects: perhaps it was there from the beginning? I just did not spend enough time there? If I would had, I would not have such a problem with navigations?
Of course: at the beginning, I was fighting with the window, that never opened up enough for me to see the grey arrows left and right. I realized, that can be handled through my browser and nowadays they all open up big, even on my iPad. Look carefully: those NEXT buttons with small round reminders where you are, become essential for the Assessment Before and After, skip one, and the project is never considered finished. Do not push the grey arrow, till all NEXT are done and the Assessment saved. 

I have the impression that TM also added more Tutorials and those are very useful : alas, when lost in middle of a problem, we seldom go to seek up Tutorials or FAQ, those changed to, new Questions and Answers added to them, too.

That is the last thing I just discovered, explaining in one of the Pathways Tutorials "Requesting Feedback".

I have never requested feedback after May, when I did not get any: the problem was probably that we did not have enough members in my club who begun already pathways. I did request last week, just to try, and still waiting for someone to answer.

One can send the feedback request to someone specifically, but perhaps I did not spell well the name correctly, so I never got it right, alas. Other thing to observe are the colors. The light grey, the dark red and the blue and the white. I even used this image to pick the colors and make myself backgrounds of these "toastmasters colors" ! 

As the Guides and the Ambassadors and the Base camp managers are asked to go through all the Pathways Tutorials, we could do it also! It would be nice from time to time to have a reminded when a new Tutorial is added. Then we could even love more those changes. 

As the program's user interface changes to better, it would be nice to be reminded of them, as in some of the program we have and use do, when they ameliorate them.

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