1 Dec 2017

Suddenly, on my way... during the Panel

There is also a great side to any project: once you have worked on it, we begin to learn. 

Yesterday, during my intro for the Panel discussion there were two different interruptions. 

Handle Difficult Audience, was a great project, I already did for fun. This time, I did not expect interruptions, but again, succeeded to show I can handle them.

1st : sounds arrived: any mobile phone can do that to you in any meeting too
2nd : was the interruption of my screen sharing demo, reasons unknown

Each time I am happy to say, I did demonstrate that I can go on...

After our introductions of each of us, you can find the 1 hour meeting in many places now, between others in the Panel Discussion Forum on Facebook, or in our club Witty Storytellers Online Facebook Group. Or send a comment here, for the YouTube link.

Here is just a very short part of George Marshal presentation, that is found at the beginning of the meeting. This is how he concluded: I did love how he demonstrated the Rollout dates. In a few days now 2 new Regions get Pathways, then in February it goes on.

Great news, the 18 January we will have yet another Panel "Glitches, Goblins, Geeks" : Pathways Stories! I hope, many of you will be able to participate to it. 

Witty Storytellers Online again at the top of what is happening. 

Yes, our club is "online" 100%, yes, Pathways does not arrive to online toastmaster clubs till the last rollout, but... all of us are dual, at least. Many in multiple clubs.  Majority of us has been on Pathways for a while now and ready to tell Stories which is our goal. 

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Magda said...

Thank you Julie for telling us about the interruptions. Did you organise for it to happen or was it purely organic?
I will be interested in the video of the panel discussion on Glitches, Goblins and Geeks.
Unfortunately the time of Witty Story Tellers is not in sync with New Zealand times.
I am looking forward to it. Please keep us updated.