4 Dec 2017

New way to enter the Base Camp

Putting Access my path through Base Camp in the middle is a great choice. That we will use the most often. Changing something in the user interface is even better and promises more changes to come in the future! 

It is not that is more User Friendly like this, but also that finally after all month some things do begin to change and it seems they begin to listen to the users! 

Next change, if it was after me, would be to alert those who are on a Project, when they arrive at the last page "you are not finished, till all Before and After Self Assessments have not been answered. Then, we will have less work to explain it, and can go to help with other issues and deeper help each other with our projects. 

Arrived at last level of my third path, did manage a Successful Event, but still have now to speak about it. This explains also the huge difference between a Project, I did work a lot for that to happen and a speech to describe how was planned and how went and what learned. 

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Magda said...

This post is about a change on the TMI website. It is a small change and with Julie, I hope there will be more.