7 Dec 2017

Offering a helping hand

It us how we do it in our Toastmasters Clubs, between us, it is normal.

I was helped in need, when I got stuck and did not understand how to go farther, that made me "specialist" or "expert" to be able to help others.

Alas, many can not access yet Pathways, and they also need a hand to start and to prepare its arrival around them.

After helping those who already begun in Pathways, I discovered, by sharing screens in Zoom, we can show each other our Base Camp and Path and Projects. Can not only trouble shoot, but also explain how it works. So I did, and got this beautiful image in a message!

For me, it meant more then the badges I got for my levels! I felt useful. After showing Base Camp to Guides and Members, and Pals, this one touched me even more and I am sure, she used it well, as the Pathways rolled out in her Region, District, Area.

The badges are great, but they mostly are hidden in a drawer of my own Base Camp, so only I can see them. And not even wear them.

Yes, those two path I finished from end of March, can be "used" but will not touch my heart as much as this recognition does.

Thanks Alicia for this!

A discrete number, shows that I got 4 times Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3; Three times got past Level 4 and Twice through Level 5, Visionary Communication, Presentation Mastery Proficient.

Now, at the 4th level of Effective Coaching, and the 5th level of Leadership development. Of course those levels will take a lot longer to achieve but the tasks are more and more interesting. I am not in a hurry, what is important to try to do it right. Learn from it, achieve something. 

I was not chosen as Guide, as I went through the Focus on Positive, let me say "great, I can focus more on being a good Pathways Ambassador for my District, and helping those in need of knowing more about the Base Camp. I do not know all, and I discover, new stuff added, but still I have now some experience, and a lot of enthusiasm. Gone there, done that. 

I am not only writing and talking, I am walking the walk.


Lynda Lee said...

It is so nice to hear from you and to know you had helped so many around...I had assisted one of my friends (same club) in the login and she got her path in Presntation Mastery...so thank you.

Magda said...

Julie, I agree... the fun is in helping someone else, not the tick that the project is done and not any badges or other awards. Receiving awards is fun, but it is not my "main menu."