29 Dec 2017

Login to Toastmasters.org and Sample your first Project

There are many levels of knowledge, on the road to the Pathways knowledge and use. 

As the Regions roll out, one by one, the Guides and Ambassadors, go club by club to make known "why, and how" before the day D arrives to the club's District. 

But those curious can be begin to Sample their first Project and Break the Ice before.  Where? First one has to get used to login to the toastmasters.org website: all begins there. If you are used to do it, no problem. My computer remembers my login data.

The Email used is the Primary Email you have given when become member of a club. 

  • If any problem, your VPE (or any other committee officer) can verify them and print them, in need change them to a new primary email. 
  • If you forgot the password or are on the website the first time, click on forgot and a new link is created then you are allowed to create a new password you do remember easy.
  • If you are not member yet of any club you could find a club: it is needed for pathways even if not for trying out the first project.

Here is a closeup of the Log in as it is now.

They added a message under the Forgot password? Toastmasters members login for the first time please use "Forgot password?" because many of Toastmasters alas never visited yet TMI website.

And the only gateway to the Pathways BaseCamp is this web and to have been logged in and recognized.

After having decided your password, it is up to you and your computer and browser to save (or not) so next time you do not have to bother with it any more. You will need to remember it mostly if or when you login from another computer or device.

But even then, you can use the "forget password" if really do not remember it.

TMI added recently the Pathways as a menu option, one does not have as before, go through Education to find it. There you have another menu "find more" and submenus as you see bellow for more information. At the right you see "Sample Your First Project" : you can go to its discovery and play with it, read it, study if you are - like me - more curious of nature. And even non TM can try it there now.

It does lead to the project Break the Ice which begins all of the 10 path, even if this project is not inside the Base camp, it is very much "like" the real one.
On top of it are the rollout schedules, under it other Frequently asked questions and also a way to go towards the Volunteers (guides and ambassadors) etc. pages and resources. 

Stop for the moment here and click on Break the Ice: your first Pathways project begins.
There are - as you know already if you read this blog posts - 5 levels in each Path, and the level 1 is identical for all. Its first project is called Ice Breaker. 

For those already familiar with a similar project name in the Competent Communication Manual, you will see that in fact this project contains more material, incorporating the "organize" and "have a point" also. Online is easier also to explain more in detail. 

I also like a lot how it explains the way we can combine learning the beginning and end but not the whole speech so to give it a more authentic feeling. Beyond the content, this project contains also a guide to navigate any project.
Navigation in a project
In order to go from page to page you have to be able to see the left and right arrows. If they are not visible (for me they were not in April) you have to enlarge the width of the square till they appear visible. 

And enlarge the length, till the Select to move to another sections is also visible. It took me a time to decide to use this later! Now I wonder, how I could have neglected this that lets me jump to different parts of a project, after I went first page by page.

And yes, in plus, on same screen you have to use NEXT or other buttons and has a "direction" how to use them. With time, one get used to all the different ways to navigate and can concentrate only on the content near the images, and the video witch most projects have. 

As for now, enjoy! Try it out if you did not do yet. 

Tomorrow, I will bring you in my BaseCamp with me and share some of my discoveries on how you navigate inside it. 

Would you believe? I learned fast to login, but then had for a long time no idea how to logout of my Base Camp! Yes, it was my son who showed me: "it is usually here at this right up corner round dented picture" : and it was! 

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