2 Dec 2017

Pathways Path: Storytelling!

The International Story Swap & Festival that will begin in a few hours in Fairfax, Virginia and online, is Paul E. White, D27 Chief Pathways Ambassador's idea. He joined also Witty Storytellers Online as I joined D27 clubs, and he proposed we do parallel path and realize this Festival as a Pathways Project. Both of us, thus dedicated a whole new Path to storytelling, creating a team, trying out what works, and at the end the festival for today. 

He started by an Icebreaker about the day he was born, in his path, Visionary Communication, and I started by an Icebreaker in mine, Leadership Development, telling a story my great grand mother used to tell me 60 years ago. Each of us went on, telling stories and also showing how stories can stick and come back to you and help you long years later in your life. 

I did chose the Leadership Development because it asks to create Events and at the end a bigger event. It did go from the start in the direction I wanted. The original idea of dedicating a Path to one goal come from Paul: I did embrace it with joy. It works!

Instead of thinking of this, 3rd path for me and for Paul as a "Pathways Path" with 5 Levels, and different projects in each, we looked at it as going towards a goal, using it to achieve that goal, and talking about one major theme all along. It did made the path a lot more interesting, easier in some ways, as from the beginning the tone was set. 

Of course, as so much can be said about Storytelling, one path would not be enough. Later, we will have to study which other path could be used to continue. As we do not intend to stop, we will have more Story Swaps organized. The next one will be organized the by Online Clubs, inviting each other's storytellers, and also some from ground Storytellers Clubs. 

Today, the Festival begins at 10 am Virginia, USA Eastern Standard Time.  The doors open 30 minutes before. For those of you who reads this post in time and can attend, the link is HERE. Do not click till the time is right. For London, UTC and GTM will be 2:30 pm and 3 pm start of stories, through ZOOM.

In June, there was already a Story Swap held organized by the 3 Storytelling clubs from Virginia, that Paul chartered as a Pathways HPL project.  This is the first time, online-club members are invited to join from all over the world. Finding a place, linking to Web, making the sound good and the video... new.

Pathways can lead to so many interesting adventures! 

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BS said...

Wonderful sharing. The limitation is one's own imagination. LOVELY! 😄