26 Dec 2017

Appreciation and specific goals

Christmas gift arrived in time. Inside it many different things, between them, this certificate of Appreciation, for me as co-host of the Story swap international festival. 

Between Toastmaster Storyteller Clubs, from Virginia, created by Paul White, and the Storytellers club : Witty Storytellers Online. We mixed and showed some of us telling stories through screen, Zooming in. 

It was a great even the 2nd December that we begun to project in June and went through our path all along thinking of it, and of the importance of storytelling. This is Paul sending me his appreciation as co-host for the event.

"I do not need appreciation" is not true, as humans we all need, as humans it counts to all of us. So it is better to give it as wonderfully and varied as Paul knows to do it. 

I also got a beautiful printed brochure they were distributing in the room, and "let the world know" manual from TMI that I still have to read, as I was away for two days. 

Dedicating a Path to a theme works! Setting a specific end goal works also. Yes, one can personalize any path project by project thinking of a specific aim, vision and goal. Already, plotting the next one. And when you have an overall vision, the small hurdles are easier to overcome, the projects seem "just waiting for us" too. 

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