17 Dec 2017

December and wind: stubborn leaves, as I am, still there

End of fall
So it is late in time and years, so the winds blow strong from time to time, so all is not always sunny: we cling still stubborn, there!

And we get through, and we get things done, and when the wind is very strong we stop, for a moment. Perhaps, because I learned early that life is not smooth and not easy? Learned to fight, learned to persist. How long, that does not matter so much. My best friend Stephanie, used to tell me "do not die till you die"! And that was when I was barely 60. She had almost my age then: 83 and continued to teach and help others as long as she still could.

I had two wonderful path: Visionary Communication finished in 6 month; Leadership Development, that I begun towards end of August and will finish next week. If all goes well. In four month: second is more easy, and I went direct towards a goal and I chose it wisely.

Along this two, I finished also Presentation Manager, it took very long and was more painful. And I will eventually finish also Effective Coaching, even if I noticed only recently that it has at the end a HPL as required task. What it has to do with coaching? How will I find a goal related to the path? I will consider anyway if it was not so in time, my real first two the one's that have me more joy. The one's that I will continue after officially closed.

I just read, you can use any elective project from any path, redo it more then once or do it without credit when you feel like it. As for now, I even have a brand new path, Dynamic Leadership, waiting. I got attracted by it's Negotiation Project, yet to arrive there. It can wait.

Here is 1st September, as I begun to tell the stories for the Leadership Development path, breaking the ice with many relatives about our common ancestor: telling a story from her childhood.

I was 12 she was 92 when she told me, but that day in Normandy, kids of all ages and adults listened.

Yes, you can tell to any audience, it does not have to be your club. And yes, I had an evaluator near, a toastmaster who wrote me a feedback. Feedback I did not (or did I) add to my e-portofolio as by now I knew that only me would see it anyway.

Tuesday, I will tell my reflection on my path all the way to Oregon, to my last club I joined.

If all would be so easy! Well not easy but doable: because it depends only on me. Not all does. So? It will be up to me to try to persuade, to entice, to explain. And if not, in any case my path and what I learned through the projects in them, remain with me.

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Magda said...

For me, the wind is always a sign of change. Here in New Zealand, we are surrounded by oceans. The wind is the bringer of change, from a warm/hot North Wester to a cold Southerly. It was one of the first things I had to get used to here in New Zealand. Now I know when a certain wind is blowing to make provision for the next weather pattern. Is that not also life. Instead of fighting it… whatever the change is, dance with it. I am better off for doing that.