1 Apr 2018

Live on Facebook, together?

Testing, testing, testing.

Misako Yoke, President of Buddies, honored me asking to help her testing a software that will take us "live" and does not cost a lot of money!

One of us did not hear the other. ResolvedOne of us does not see we are side by side. But "live" we were side by side. I have seen myself like this, and only the lighter green part got into "live". 

Testing takes time, we always learn something! Used later or not. 

I used the time she was preparing to record this short video. Sorry for the beginning, the rest is clear. And I am not able to transform this to QT and cut the beginning.

While waiting for Misako to come back, I recorded, for myself with Replay Video Recording. My intentions for the next path and speaking of my photos and how I got into photography. A bad experience turned very well, transformed in a new passion.
Then I stopped, as she arrived back.The 3 minute chat side-by-side with Misako is shared on her and my Facebook page: remember, we were together but still testing. It is always better with someone. Strange, that I did not have problem of recording my voice, and I do miss "someone" to tell my stories to. 

So go "slow" or go fast? I decided to try out EVERY one of the projects proposed on my MS path, it is "slow". But I intend to find many occasions to tell. A year ago, Eastern Sunday, I told a tale about my youth, when I was 25 - telling it again and again, I discovered many different meanings to it. I was at my first project's first story after the Icebreaker. I learned so much since!

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