22 Apr 2018

Say it with flowers?

I added 5 pictures on my facebook page and this is what appeared: together they look great, and the number of visits plus the three more looked posts show better as it is surrounded by flowers from the garden behind my building. 

The first flowers with a bench in the memory of Margot, my wonderful neighbor who died from cancer a few years back. In fact, I remember most her luminous smile. The tiny blue flowers I got very near so the background blurred as most photographers like. The red and yellow ones interesting by contrast, look like roses but are tulips variety. 

What I am doing with flowers in a blog about pathways? Well, you remember perhaps, this Motivational Strategy will be all about photos of different kind I have taken. What can I say about this one? That is the day, when I went down "just in time". A few minutes later, some of the flowers, not these one, in front, were "cleaned". We have to seize the occasion when it comes and not let it go away. 

This is the "just in time" story with the gardener smile "ah! you take them fast before I" and below, what we learn fast, takes less time, what we learn slow or can change slowly. Skills and changing attitudes are in the middle range. Take time.

And the slower we can change our foundation, our core values and personality traits. But those are the one who have the strongest influence at the end. Also from the book I wrote yesterday. So much to absorb! 

How can I blog to take into consideration all that? But finally, I do not want to change through this blog anyone else then myself. By reflection on what I do, I learn most.

I will make "how we learn" my new Research and Present in my newest path. 

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