6 Apr 2018

Base camp short glossary

What is BASE CAMP?

The place from which we access our path or paths, and, any other educational material or ressources. In plus, other different places we can use or can go to.


Club officer confirming Level Completion. VPE usually, filled if needed also  by the President and the Secretary. They can also track the members from the club on their progress in Pathways.


Name to be avoided. Inherited from the system TMI did buy for the interface. In fact it means PATH. Some other programs also referred as curruculum. Can be completed or active.


A place which it seems is only visible to the member. So why add anything to it? It has private folders only you can see.


Your club. If member of more then one club, you can change “home club” any time. Only members and BCM of the one you selected can view you and your achievements, or approve levels.


Learning paths are divided in five levels. Each has two to three Projects. And a project may give you a single or more tasks to complete. Inside a level, you can work on the projects in any order. Exception are only the first and the last project from any path.

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