17 Apr 2018

Getting rid of the clutter

This blogpost is for those who already got their hands inside Base Camp, and were curious to find out, read, look, discover things outside their Path, Level and Projects. With time, all the videos they opened, all the Evaluation Forms they Launched and accumulated, does make a clutter inside their "Educational Transcript" and the Path is almost lost in it.

There was a question in the Pathways Discussion Forum about the clutter. I had only half of the answer, so this morning, went to find the rest: "How to archive" I found it!

I already knew there is a difference if you access the "My Education Transcript" (a name I still find strange) from the brown rectangle under this tiles or opening it from the blue Square directly.

When I opened it, from time to time from the Blue Square, I could access my Completed Paths, or only my Active Paths. Or look at Archived items.

I did not read with attention, as I finally did today, how to Archive things we do not want to clutter our Active Work! 
First, it seems now there are more Types then last time I looked. Curriculum are called, again strange as we are not in a university, our PATHS. But what is the difference between Active Online Class and Material? 

Online class I had only one, a video on Complete a Level. The rest, were all the Evaluation Forms and Information about how to Close a Level, etc I opened and looked lately. A lot! 
A real clutter when looked at All Types! But when I chose Curriculum and Active, here is what I find: no more clutter. I can go directly inside one of my  Path I am working nowadays. The Dynamic Leadership, waits for me to finish Managing Change, I looked again, and soon it will come. Finally, I did understood that I have mostly to design it not to accomplish it for this project. The Leadership Development, I already finished in English, in French I learn the right terms and will help me to explain to French clubs. Currently, I am really working on Motivational Strategy.
Waiting for an Evaluation that does not come fast, so I can improve on my first speech, at Level 1 Project 2: Evaluation and Feedback. 

To hide "Complete my assignment overview", which it seems I did not "mark completed" but wanted to Archive for the time being, I went to View Training Details, as it is suggested. What I found is this.

Found it! Here is finally the Move to Archived Transcript!
It did some time, but once I found it, I could do the same, alas one by one for all the other clutter. One can  find them back whenever needed even if they are not before our eyes. As I can now find back my completed Leadership Development in English, and look ahead, plan ahead for the French equivalent. Instead of the completed date, which I am happy to see as I did not remember any more, I could look also at By date I got them. Not the same!
Here are my four path I completed, by date of their completion. 

If I look at them as I got them, the Leadership Development would be the last, finished faster. VC in 7 month; PM in 9 month as I had to change from Printed to Web based; Effective Coaching took me most, as it was the second I did buy and the last to finish. Almost a year to work on with the HPL project that took long and that I did not specially enjoy. 

Leadership Development, took me less then six month and was a joy to go through. But as I already wrote, I did in parallel with a buddy and we helped each other giving opinion on all our stories and prepared the storytelling event of the end together.
Here is how it looked with all the clutter, the Leadership Development (French) lost almost!
But now, I will be able, to clean my Active Documents and Evaluation Forms, all I have opened - and saved already on my desktop in a folder. Alas, for the moment I have first to Mark Complete, hope they will go automatic to Completed, or if they do not, one by one Archive them. At least, I know already how, as I think you do too. 

It is good to be curious and read many available resources inside the Base Camp, as it is to get rid of clutter when we want to get right to the educational material, the path we are on right now.

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