11 Apr 2018

About Zoom: Video Recording using Zoom

I created this video to show and explain some features of the Zoom Videoconferencing. Short, hopefully explaining at least some of the features : will improve it next time.

First, I have created a Slide-Show with pictures and opened it on my computer.
Second, I launched Zoom and asked "Record" then asked "Share screen" 
On the shared screen, I pointed and spoke at the same time, trying to explain.

Recording was direct to Zoom cloud, downloaded it then uploaded to YouTube.

I learned today that it can be done! I learned to clip the beginning when I appeared with my uncombed hair, and the end with a big pic that had nothing to do with it. I also learned I could add a special end if I prepare one and improve my speaking clarity next time. I learned to dress up next time so I can show myself at least a few seconds and also that if I point somewhere it does show.
More experience is needed to make "good" videos and explain clearer! But perhaps, it is a good beginning. Huge advantage if I do not show up, not "in it" : the video "weights" a lot less and I can include it even in an email I send. 

As every speech, video and slide show can be improved as we repeat it! Each time we learn something new. Improve on ourselves. Indeed, never too late to learn new tricks! 

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