2 Apr 2018

April begins with it's tasks

The month of April, 2018 begins. I hope the path toward the end will not look like this.

I should have copied it with it's title, to tell who took the photography: it was not me. Even if I did find a few years back a similar corridor in Goldsmith university.

This one is in a school, intended to slow down the usually running kids.

It is only illusion, in fact it is all smooth, no real hole or inclination on it.

Perhaps, it is the same with my duties as Pathways Guide, only I see it full of problems to solve, full of dangers to overcome. But what best learning then overcoming obstacles? Some obstacles are real, other obstacles are only in our heads.

I have been Pathways Ambassador in my District for longer then I discovered Pathways, and my ten presentations went all well. Did Panels and Questions & Answer. I know my subject well. No problem there. 

Contact? I will find a way to contact those who did not yet answer yet, and in two clubs the first contact, and in one even the date is solved. Usually, I am not bad interacting. Love even interacting with new people I did not know before! Prove my pictures of street portraiture. Let me show you only a few of them. 

Here, from London, after I arrived here, 10 years ago I begun to walk the streets with camera in hand.

He was working repairing the street with his colleagues. They stopped to eat. I asked him if I could take his portrait.

"Me? I am old! What is interesting."

"Well, I am also old, so?" 

That smile towards me shows all. He was delighted that I choose him, and loved to be photographed and we had farther discussions before I went farther.

Divali in the square, Trafalgar square in London. I took a lot of photos, and spoke with many different people, most of them from Pakistan. Once we begun interacting, all were friendly towards me. I did not feel any more "afraid or anxious" to walk between all the "strangers" I did not know about. 

Going back to the station, a group of young, and this boy with a strange hair I found interesting. Special. 

"May I take your photo? Love how you look!"

"Me? yes! Do take it. Thank you"

As you can see from his smile, he was also happy to be chosen between his pals. Seen. Seeing each other remarking each other is so important!

I also went out the the Chinese new year, and found another photographer, taking pictures. We begun to talk. She was the one who asked me first, it turned out, she knew me from Flickr, the photographers web site, where we both put our pictures. 

While chatting, we took pictures of each other and published it in the "photos of those 50+" : she was over 50 and I was over 70 but we both belonged to the same group, between other groups.

Over 70 is still over 50, init?

This picture got many "favorites" and we continued to mail each other for a while. Flickr is a place where I can speak with my images: 13 million hits since I joined. Way back, in its beta days.

As I was Ambassador but I am new as Pathways Guide, I studied in Base Camp all the material given to a Guide. Lots of it, happy most of it I already knew.
and also
As you can see, I finished most of it. Recently I begun to read the "Master Q & A Log" hundred of pages, but a lot of interesting information in it. Some, new even to me. As it is so full of information, I read it slowly and have a special page where I copy the information I want to retain and spread. From it, I learned that I do not have to logout as Base Camp Manager from the Base camp, but can signal differently that I am done and come back as a Member to see my own projects.
I have yesterday, finished with the three remote access clubs, and remained with "only" four toastmaster clubs, three online and one near me. Currently, preparing a Grab a Role meeting for Wednesday, in my "base" club I am also Secretary. This role not only helps me to know, what a Base camp manager can see and do, but lets me help the other two BCM from my club. 

This is my Educational Transcript with my three Active Paths: MS and LS(in French) I just got the Icebreaker done so far. In Dynamic Leadership I am on Level 4 and soon will "do" the very interesting project "Managing Change"

The last one looks like a Path, but in fact is the Pathways Guide Tasks I described above.
So much to do! What a joy! What would I do if I had not all that to do? 

What is then my fear? What is the huge unknown for me? How will the clubs I visit find Web contact and project my presentation. We have special "technical advisor" for it! Again, probably the projected huge problem will become no problem at all. At least, not for me. And if it will come, I have to whom ask help and I'll learn something more. 

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