18 Apr 2018

A horror story with 12 links: do not fall in the same trap I did

12 posts found when I searched in this blog "printed path" with their link: that shows you how strong I felt about it and the different posts I wrote about my own "horror story". For once, in this case, do not fell in the trap I did. 
In this post you have links to the 12 posts found are sorted by blogger in order of their "relevance" to the two words. 

All the way down, and perhaps I would begin by that one is a post from May last year, indeed, almost a year ago. 

I joined Pathways the 25th March, ordered Presentation Mastery Printed and the 13th May (and even beginning June still) I was still waiting for the first two Printed Levels to get to me... Of course, it can not happen to you! It was at the beginning, pilot stage. 

Meanwhile I did buy Visionary Communication web based and was happily working on it. If you read the What level you enjoyed most, 3rd Level, with all the wonderful Elective Projects for me to Activate, Launch, Read and as I want Save or Print and Deliver as many as I want. True, only 2 minimum are "counted" as "points" : so what? We have so many to choose from! 

Unless we buy Printed Material. I hoped, I get all the electives printed for me, I was utterly deceived I did not. We got 2 projects chosen for us.

So, for once, do not do like I did a year ago (only 0.4% of us fall for it): read a few of these posts, they will help you to choose the one best for you. I hope. 

Enjoy the posts (opening in new window) and your paths.
  1. Printed or not Printed?
  2. Printed or not: electives (not) to choose.
  3. What IS an Elective Project? 
  4. Suggest Specific Improvements
  5. How to choose a path?
  6. Why did I decide (wrong)?
  7. Before you choose a Path
  8. Projects may be the same but we change
  9. 27 Elective Projects available (on a web path)
  10. What level you enjoyed most? 3rd level 
  11. How did I choose?
  12. May 2017 PM(still waiting) and VC L2

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