30 Apr 2018

District 4 on Pathways, discovered from Pathways Discussion Forum

Gloria Gibbon begun a discussion in the Pathways Discussion Forum that shows how useful a discussions thread in the Forum can be, with many opinions and different toastmasters adding to it, one after other with their experience and views.
One of the comments to that discussion, lead me to the most stunning website or Facebook page: District 4 Toastmasters displaying all Pathways Paths and Projects on one page! Not seen before, by a click revealing information as wantedI dedicate all this post for you to discover it too. 

One click to choose the Path, one other click goes to a Level, another to the project! And you stay on the same page!. On the marge in right, all other information links. I tried of course, other Level and project, here it is, with two other clicks on same page!

It made me curious, where is this District 4? I went to USA Toastmasters Regions and Districts map. D4 it is hidden almost on a tiny surface: meaning there are a lot of clubs there near each other. Hidden almost between 101 and 57 but very near 57 the first Pilot District! TM Region 2.

It is in the Silicon Valley, San Matheo county, the San Francisco peninsula. 

As TMI is closed this weekend, I can not see when they rolled out. But "near 57" is significant too.
What it is sure for me, that their website and links shows what the Silicon Valley is famous about. Great innovation and programmers that can show the same informations we have perhaps elsewhere but in a really easy way to use. 

I do believe, TMI should have those informations in their web so more can see and use them. On another page, D4 has divers useful Pathways Resources. I would say, all those informations in two pages, that is wonderful! Even if we get to go elsewhere later:
One of many Resources curtesy from d57 is George Marshall's Pathways Fast Start, in 24 pages and big images they are also very useful and can help at the beginning. Augmented screenshots and short explaining, take us page by page image by image from login to closing your first project. 
While there are a few other wrinkles in Base Camp, that I would still add to George's document to prevent some problems and help understanding, his Fast Start is a very important document to look at. I can be very useful.

To finish this post, let me show you some other discussion from the post I begun, only a few of so many that finally let me discover district 4!
If you did not yet, go and answer the Pathways Discussion Forum questions to become a member, and you can then make your own discoveries and ask your own questions. Almost 4000 of us are there now to answer and discuss very fast!

Do not miss all the information available so easy to find on the d4. Of course, then come back to my blog, for more and different informations and varied experiences.

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