13 Apr 2018

Video Presentation (part 1) Pathways Stories at Witty Storytellers

In this post is the beginning of an unusual presentation of Pathways, as in the club Witty Storytellers Online, where I presented it the first as a Pathways Guide, all members present were already "in". So we did something different. We told each other stories of our beginnings, and all that could do wrong, and how we come out of it.

Before showing the beginning of the meeting, two of the first stories, for those who are "new" here are two pictures to understand, path, levels and projects.

Remember: there are 10 path we will speak about some of them and our choices
How we should choose? How did we choose a year ago, then later? How did we learn what path to begin with. These stories and those following will tell our adventures. 

Inside the path we find 5 levels in each and inside the levels Projects with Tasks followed by one or 2 Speech (in our club, personal stories)

And here is the 20 minute beginning of the one hour meeting.
This time the story as well the Power Point presentation through zoom went well.
Two Pathways guides Julie Kertesz and Brian Dodd who begun a year ago together

The other presentations will be in other posts.

"Witty storytelling" to our members and guests, all already in pathways, so little "new" is said that they already do not know. This is not the official presentation of pathways, in this club a highly personalized one that was needed. I hope, it does help also those who are still before or beginning.

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