24 Apr 2018

Enter Base Camp & the Level Completion Video Tutorial

Welcome to Pathways Learning Experience! The day will arrive and we can choose our path : at left! Discover the Navigator : at right. And finally, enter Base Camp : middle. As I am also Base Camp Manager, Secretary at Lewisham Speakers, I can enter As Member or as Base Camp Manager. Let me enter as Member.
I am in! I am in Base Camp. Instead of rushing to see my path and project, let us begin and check Compatibility and make sure the Popup Blocker of my browser is disabled. 

There are many other checks, but the disable the Pop-up Blocker is the most important as all the projects are and many tutorials on pop-ups. Toastmasters recognizes your system and helps you if all not as it should be, explaining the steps to follow.

Now it is time to enter through Home, strangely not a click on the name but under it, the Educational Transcript, where all your paths and tutorials you opened reside.
After completing all the tasks in the three projects of level 1, it is time to close the level. A year ago, when I arrived at that stage I was confused. A pdf opened, I read it, did not understand what I have to do. And when I closed it, did not understand I have to click on the button that now transformed. Then wait. I waited, and nothing happened. I got a pal who did it for me, all the way from Toronto, the first time.

This morning, I discovered that there is a Tutorial Video: Close a Level, and with Replay Video Recording software, that I used first for GoToMeeting, and now not often, recorded it.
Enjoy. When you will need it, you can look at it again. It is short but it does tell what to do. I wish I knew where to find answers while I waited, in vain, for my level to close and for me to be able to open the projects at the next level. 

The tutorial is not complete: after the level is approved, at the last "project" which is not really a project just the level completion, Print my Level Award appears. Only when you finish a Path, you get it from TMI direct, all the Level Awards you can print yourself, or the VPE can print it for you and present it festive in a club meeting. 

Last picture I add here, even if there were many things I did not understand at the beginning, is how to log out from Base Camp. That one, my son showed me when he visited, telling me "everyone knows that this small round wheel is for out and it is always in the upper right corner". 

Well, I was not between "everyone". I got out by closing the tab, till then, not "clean". 
But now, if you get till here to read, you will know also. As we log out of Base Camp, we find ourselves still logged in the TMI web and can logout from there too, or discover FAQ, or do some other club business, or even see all the things they "know" about me. Indeed, I got for example 14 awards in 9 years, and 22 awards in the last years since I begun pathways. Indeed, a lot more. But most important was the joy of doing all those Projects. I am looking forward to discover more or repeat some others better.

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