12 Apr 2018

Pathways Guide: what is most important to say?

Interested to know how others choose their first path? Want to hear stories about their paths or projects? Gain inspiration from those who overcome their challenges they encountered. 6 am London time Thursday morning the 12th April.
Soon it will begin! 

Doors open in 30 minutes from the time this blog is posted. Come to listen or pose questions. Zoom link is zoom.us/j/548624624

This will be my first presentation as Pathways Guide, even if I did present already combining Ambassador and Guide in clubs around London. 

No, I will not speak too long! Many of us will tell our first or favorite path stories, as we are in a Personal Storytelling club! Our Online World wide Speciality club meets twice a month, second and forth Thursday early morning 6 AM London time. Doors open usually half hours before; it means even if there is one of us always there to greet and meet, I get up and prepare before 5 am already twice a month.

In our club, we are already "in" pathways as most of our members live in a place where it is already rolled out or went out of our way to join a remote access pathways club to begin earlier. Many other storytellers who will tell their stories are Pathways Guides themselves or Club Presidents of Chartered or Pre-Charter clubs. 

So this time, our meeting - again - will be "different" to any other meeting we had before. Why should be the meetings the same? They should be entertaining, challenging, interesting. In my VPE opinion. Thus my contribution will not be the usual pitch either. That gives me a special challenge!
Here is a list of 100% Online clubs. Together with some "mixed" online Toastmaster clubs we took on us the challenge to serve as Guides and Ambassadors for the Pathways Introduction in all the Undistricted clubs world wide. 

As you see in the list, my Witty Storytellers Online, was the 4th not company club chartered, the first one with a Speciality: Humor and Personal Storytelling. Other very different clubs arrived one after other later. 

Between this clubs, (and more pre-charters that are not in this list) I am member of three of them. Firebirds Collective meets every Sunday, once morning and once evening, my time. Global Trainers Online meets early Saturday, 2x month. 

Many of us know each other and visit each other clubs, at least those not "company clubs", take roles, speak, give workshops. Have responsibilities  As we are not too many, we feel as family. Each do great and different job, their way. 

I do not get up in the middle of night to visit some interesting clubs, nor can speak Chinese or Arabic, and I tried once and never again to attend a corporate club meeting.

I dreamed long time, before we founded 2016 summer, Witty Storytellers online, to have a place a club with ongoing learning about storytelling! There is so much to learn!
10 years ago a branch that was cut by error begun to live again in the spring. 10 years ago, before leaving Paris, I was preparing to tell a story about my nose... and why finally, I did not made it shorter. 

A story that went so well 3 years before, it did not got many laughter that time in the Paris café.  So many stories to tell, to remember and repeat. Different audiences need different tales or at least told in other ways. Hope never dies, so I hope all will go well this time. 

And no, I will not talk about my nose this morning. My hopes about Pathways come true, and I did dedicate a whole path to telling stories and spread their importance in our lives.

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