14 Apr 2018

How to (not) choose a path by Graham Cairn, Etc etc

This is Graham today morning (evening in Australia already)
This is the second video, "online zoom recorded" and it is only me who titles it  "How to (not) choose a path.

In fact, it is so much more!

I loved Graham story and all he tells us and how he explains later.  The Presentation Mastery is not his first path: it is what he had chosen later, thinking deeply and long what Path to take after the firsts were already chosen. Click! 

Graham Cairns, Presentation Mastery Icebreaker Online the 12th April

Secretary of Witty Storytellers Online, Graham is also VPE of a club in Australia where he lives and helping all Online Pathways Guides to deliver the best we can through sharing videos to clubs far away. A radio journalist for many many years, I always admired also his voice and how he speaks and his stories. 

I decided to buy myself chocolate after listening to his story! 

Today, I begun my morning with Global Trainers Online, the Pathways Guide Presentation by Michelle Alba-Lim, then a Pathways Panel, where I was one of the Panelists. Again, different atmosphere. 

I love as much being Panel Moderator then Panelist, and this one had us on the edge, as we had to answer fast and short, not really knowing which question will go to us and when. Even if we did have a preparation, a range of questions / answers to prepare beforehand. 

Here is one slide that is good remembering and telling it again. 

Of course, what we do depend on the member, unless it is a new toastmaster they will begin, as soon as the Pathways is launched, directly on pathways. And they love it.

In order to help them even "reluctant" veterans have to learn and discover at least the first two levels. How could you otherwise remain "expert"?

As to me, I was all ripe to go full speed ahead and never looked back never regretted what was. As I go, I understand better and better the program and it's build and blend. I just got a new book! About it tomorrow.

Just one hour after it finished, begun a VSS (Virtual Support Session) held by my Pathways Guide from London through Zoom. I learned a lot how a good VSS should be : soon I will have to begin those too! Very important, I realized how much those Questions and Answers with a Prepared theme can help! And well, some can love High Performance Leadership Projects: Samir is convinced those can help grow, even when they take time.

At the end, Pathways Guide Samir Malak showed me that on his Macintosh, Preview is very good to fill Evaluation Forms! I will have to discover why on mine are not. 

But I was told, that when you take the Evaluation forms from the Evaluation Tile, or the Tutorials, and NOT from the projects, they are and remain fillable. In the case, you do not want to print and bring it printed, which I suppose will be still the most often used.  

This are inside in French even if the title is for the moment still in English. They exist for all the projects in many languages. When you click on one, it ask you if you want to Launch, and after the Launch it finally gets you a fillable Evaluation form. Have to save it then : ready to go! 
So much to learn!

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