20 Apr 2018

With the Nairobi Bottlers Toastmasters, Kenya

Zooming together from London, England all the way to Nairobi Kenya in good humour and understanding. They did laugh more then once. And also asked questions they needed to know, both Doris and Isaac. Valentine arrived later, as she finished her work. Probably, more questions will come as they look at the presentation again. Presented in this post in three parts so you could look at shorter parts as desired.
Generalities about Pathways at first

Going in some details, 2nd 

I had to stop sharing screen between the 2nd and 3rd part as they did not use the same program. The presentation slides where through my apple Keynote, and the Base Camp was accessed through my Safari Browser that I had to open before going back to share my screen again. Happily, Isaac interrupted me telling "we do not see!" as I was at first not aware they do not see what I do on my screen.

Part 3 inside my base camp and my project Inspire the Audience
This video beginning already not only inspired all but made them laugh again.

Today, I am rested, so I could look at the video differently. Not so bad after all for a first presentation as Guide from afar. I do not count the one I did within my own online club where I know all and where all were already on pathways. 

I learned looking all over : listen more carefully to the question asked. Add a few more slides that answer to some questions. Show how to enter TMI : not all have already done it. It is normal to learn from them as they learned from me. Most important? I did what Ralph Smedley asked! All was through an enjoyable atmosphere. 

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Canadian Dodd Family said...

I gave my first two Pathways Guides presentations on Tuesday and then Wednesday.

My 1st was to a 100% Online Club, where I gave them a shorter slideshow, followed by a Panel Discussion lead by their acting President. Quite a few of their members are already in Pathways, so he had each of them give their impression of their experience. He then took questions from the rest of their members including a guest who wants to get into the Pathways program and directed to question to who he thought could best answer the question including me. I felt it was one of the best introductions to the non-pathways people I have been part off. It will be interesting to see if the guest joins the club.

The second club I gave the same short indroduction (with a few changes I learned from the experience of the 1st meeting), this time I could not see my audience, but they could see me and my slides an a big screen. They just used an iPhone. They learned a lot and emailed me after expressing their appreciation.