21 Apr 2018

How people learn? Not all are like us!

On my facebook page, till I do not publish this post on top of it, this is what you will find. I fall again for a new book. So well written, so easy to read! 

And on top of it the drawings are all at the level I stopped when I was 12 years old. It did bring me back to my wall articles I put on in the vacation colony. Never learned more, never got to draw from then on in fact. So, when I have opened the introduction in the morning, and seen this, bellow, I knew I was done: I will have to buy it and read more then just the free sample. It is not cheap book, but it is worth it. And yes, did buy it afternoon.
You remember your best learning experience? Immediate a wonderful teacher of a usually boring subject come to my mind. We loved him and his stories, and through them we went on and learned... accounting. In high school. Aced his subject. 

As for a book? well, I did learn already from this book, but that is me. 

She proves and explain us that everyone is not as we are. Indeed, I love to learn new things, not everyone does. I love to experience new skills. Others fear them. I love to read, to teach, and so on. But we can be different. Even us in a given day... 
Some are "intrisic learners" do not learn to be rewarded or told "you are great". Even if it feels indeed good to be told so... Others need fast rewards and fast the feeling that they can do. In fact, that is what Level 1 of Pathways does. Gives courage and a scaffold to go up easier. Another great drawing. So many of them in the book!
This book costs as much as a path, but I will learn from it how to present better, how to blog more efficiently, thinking more of the differences between all of us. 
and here is another one, also from the book: do buy it, really so much information in those 320 or so pages, that publishing here a few can not replace.
At the very beginning, identify the GAP between what they already know, and what they need to know to be satisfied. Knowledge, skills, place to find out more. 

Link new knowledge to what they now and tell them to look for other informations. Last project of Level 1 from Pathways. Skills, had to be practiced. Do, reflect, do, again. Rome was not build in a day. But feeling we have already done a bit, in a safe environment when I could not be afraid to fail, is important. Again, confidence.
Some need special care, not because they are beginners, but experts. Some of their behaviors has to be unlearned. Not an easy task either! They can go very fast, then slow down, as I do now, to absorb new information, learn new skill. And writing about it, trying it out, teaching it in the future as I hope I'll be able to do, gives a new opportunity to "own it". 

Whether it's giving a presentation, writing or creating a blog, we need to share knowledge with others. In workshops and my presentations as Guide also. I really hope, this book, will be for me a great investment. 
And of course, again, I understand better why Pathways is designed as it is. And how difficult is it to satisfy all kind of learners, adults who are often so different from us and each other. Her name is also Julie! only the family name is different Dirksen. 

I leave you with the book cover. Not cheep. I did buy a Kindle version, £16.89 as I wanted to be able to read with the size I need, and also make some images bigger. The book costs slightly more. 

I will try to add more information from it as I read. Not too much as some are interested some not. But I do believe all of this is linked to Pathways and also explain how and why it was conceived like it is.

I never thought of myself as "designer" but that is just a label. Some call it trainer. Others, facilitator. And as read it, it can be even a blogger!

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