29 Apr 2018

I finished, delivered the project, how I tell the Base Camp?

1. How to access my Path? Can I have two Path?
2. How to open my Project?
3. I delivered it already, twice, how to let know base camp that I finished?
    ---> answer the Auto-Assessment (before) then close by answering the (after) Save
4. If the checkbox is not there, go elsewhere and return to refresh
5. Eventually, evaluate the project for TMI: how you liked it (if you want).
In this case, Vic and me also discovered that he was told what to do but did not read the project before delivering it twice. And the VPE must have ordered his second path.

"It it interesting  I will come back and read it one screen at a time."

I am sure, from now one, he will understand how important can be to use the web to read the project and understand it better, before doing what it ask, then delivering the speech.

I am sure, both of us learned from this interaction. He will look at this video and go back again to the Project. And from now on, to each project he will do, "I feel like a beginner in Pathways, I like it" he told me with appreciation. 

I for sure, learned not to tell too much at a time, and listen, discover what IS the real problem. Yes, closing a project was important to show him, but making him discover where the Paths are, how to open a Project and read it page by page, was even more this time. 

Never suppose that "they know" or that they "have already done this". It takes time, but with time we learn and we appreciate. And each interaction is special. Interesting.

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