8 Apr 2018

Off line, Online : use all my posts!

Yesterday, Lefford Fate, Pathways Guide (I believe from USA), asked me in a comment at one of the posts of last week, if he can use my posts to his clubs. Of course! All of you. Whenever possible, you could attribute it to this blog (no need to add my name) so they could find themselves if they need anything more, but if not : ok also. I hope, the crumbs I leave will bring to Pathways Education System more and make them understand how it can be used to most advantage.

I work as Ambassador "offline" in brick and mortar clubs, as you see today in my Facebook page. Here, with Christina Onofrei, Pathways Guide from Romania, in visit to London, and our club President on my other side, the VPE behind him. 
Our first member had just given a Pathways Icebreaker, first at least after the launch. We had two others before. I also have - at least one - Brick-and-Mortar Toastmaster club of my own, and visited beside it 8 other clubs in and around London, from end January to end February. Keeping contact with them.

But now, I begins my second round, as Guide & Ambassador for Undistricted clubs, the week that is coming beginning to deliver the first presentations. As much as I feel that "I know all" as much an apprehension still remains. "Will I succeed to get across?" 

One issue is the technic at reaching to far away places, the other is the eventual cultural gap. I just hope, that my experience of Online Global Toastmasters, I am now in "only" 3 of them, did teach me the "how to". Hope, to be able to pass the message to members of the clubs allotted to me and connect with them the best possible way. What will I tell enough, but not too much at the first time, that is what I learned in February. 

And here I am listening this morning, to the Pathways Icebreaker of Maria, now in France : "lost in translation" What a great title! I have hidden in this picture all the others (a lot) who participated, not wanting to ask them "ok to publish it in my blog?"

Of course, Firebirds Collective, met for its 150th meeting, through Zoom.

And here are the last blog stats, about the most read post of "all time". The titles can also be read and accessed on the right side of my blog, if opened on any computer, it does not show alas in smaller devices like an iPhone. Happy, I chose a Layout (and Theme) that let the posts be seen in many devices. Even more then the Pathways Projects, so far.

I was happy to see that a post came up between the 10 most read, that was written last week, and with it arrived, many more readers from Singapore too. That is where, Fate left me a comment. I love comments! It is like discussing with you. And whenever possible, I try to answer, so it seems like a dialog. Answer in comments, and also answer by creating a special post like this one.

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Unknown said...

I am from the US. I am in District 58 South Carolina. Thanks for all of your help.

ACS/ALB Lefford L. Fate