26 Apr 2018

Enter my Base camp; Thika Toastmasters, Kenya Pathways Presentation Q/A

Thika Toastmasters from Kenya, were ready to offer me as much time as we needed, after I met the President and some committee members. 

The connection was wonderful, we heard and seen each other well, and they had also interesting questions.

All went well? If only...

I forgot to begin recording, and it was past the first part, when more questions and answers arrived that I started it only. Nor realizing before, that I was giving a great presentation, and indeed I was, with wonderful connection, without recording it! 

With Thika, my third club from Kenya visited and also my online club too, only remains the French club from Tunis in May.

Here is the part, I did record. The best quality of connection so far. Eton Hotel is well equipped but also they arranged a very good web connection. At the beginning, they did show me the audience, then decided those who wanted to ask questions come near the computer one by one.

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