10 Apr 2018

What we get in with one path?

Here is a link to "how to choose a path"
Here is the link to "before you choose a path"
Here the link to "Every path a different experience

Each path gave me new skills and knowledge and yes, lot of work to learn those.

One can not see details in this one. What one can see is that we have 5 Levels and the first two levels, each have three "required projects" (even if some projects more then one tasksI the same for any path. Even if one at L2 may be different from path to path. It makes no significant difference. Each time, we get a new path we begin the same, but we are at different level of understanding by then. (Remember? A man never crosses the same river: the river and him are not same next time)

At left, you can see three SPECIFIC and Required for this path I am on now (at level 4 for now), Dynamic Leader path. Those three on white background are all Required, and at level 3 and 4 very specific for that path. For Level 5 the Required project is same sometimes, some path finish the same way, as I already written in another post. 

In the Colored part,  at right, you can see 13 Elective projects of level 3; and 7 great modern elective Projects at level 4 plus 7 Electives at level 5  where my preferred still Moderating a Panel discussion. One has to choose at least 2 "electives" from level 3 and a minimum of 1 from level 4 and 5. But no one tells that we can not Activate, Launch, Study, Save, Print, Deliver from all 27 of them!
Here one can read them with bigger letters. I do intend in one of my path "taste all", one by one. See what it is really about and be able to speak also about all of them. Learn. Understand. Try out some skills. And this, even bigger. So one can see clearly every project from it. The Dynamic Leadership is the one I am on actually. 

We had difficulty getting in one of my important clubs, not wanting to give us enough time to Present. After studying all the negotiation styles and remembering my different experiences and even that of my father, I tried out a varied style. Hard, then soft. Worked! I felt then my project completed and spoke about how I have done it to one of my online toastmasters club. This week, I will speak about "Manage Change", my experience as a beginner Guide. Then, later on, perhaps next week offer a Question-and-answer session, still as a Guide. 

Some of the many projects I already did, but many Projects are still waiting for me. But I will go through each of them, just not in this path, in the one I am still at very beginning of the Level 1 and will take as main subject photos I have taken that are meaningful to me, and show also how good things may arrive from sad one's. 

As I have to wait at least six month to "Lead in Any Situation" with this path, I could go through the Motivation Strategies all electives! I do hope. I will try.

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