15 Aug 2018

Evaluate as speech first, part of project second

Speeches in Pathways reflect the work a member has completed, but are evaluated as speeches first and a part of the project second. You will notice that each evaluation has at least one, and often two criteria that are specific to the project and some evaluations are completely different, based on the project or the requirements. 

The goal of the “To challenge yourself” section is to provide every Toastmaster, regardless of skill, a suggestion for how they can grow their skill as a public speaker and communicator. Some evaluators may not choose to provide feedback in this area, all feedback is at the discretion of the evaluator. It is a Toastmasters International fundamental philosophy, going back to the beginning with Ralph C. Smedley, that everyone can improve. 

Yes, Members are welcome to request more than one evaluation as long as the request fits with their club culture. 

Similar to the traditional program, this is mostly an honor system. WHQ recommends that member evaluations remain private, though completion of a speech and how that is verified can be established by the club. any record keeping for this process is at the discretion of the club, club leadership, and members. 

As Base Camp manager, I tried today to look into the e-portofolio of someone else: not possible. I could see the Badges, the Profile, the roles marked done with dates, the transcript, but not the Document, or any other part of the e-portofolio which remains strictly private. So it is up to each member if we add there something (filled evaluations for example) or we put it in a folder, hard copy or disc. 

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