24 Aug 2018

Pathways Reception in Chicago

Happy to see them together, all working to bring Pathways in faster, better in our Toastmaster clubs.

Would have liked of course to be with them, and my heart ached a bit yesterday when I enjoyed at the same time with them. Pathways Guides from Un-Districted around George Marshal who got also a Special Award for his services, and Mark Snow, who was recognized as the 1st Pathways D.T.M at the Chicago Convention. Our new President of Firebirds Collective and all my pals I see at Guide's meetings. Well some of them was there not all 30!

It is good that now, I begin journaling, I can write down all the good looking at the cup half full! While it would have been fun to be with them, it was also great to look out at the window and admire the sunset, to help someone who did not know, again someone else, how to close Icebreaker. To read a great Kindle romance.

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