5 Aug 2018

New thresholds for this blog and my activities

This morning, 70,077 Page-views in this blog passed: thanks to all of you reading once then returning to read more.

This post celebrates all of you, my dear returning readers! I do know what device you use, and what system and from what part of the world you come: all of them! I would be so happy if you comment more, but I do understand if you do not, as even if Google offers free blogging, commenting is less easy as it was before.

As the July finished, finally I also got the Club Coach award. And soon the Pathways Ambassador Award will arrive too. Of course, I will continue to visit the Royal Roads Club where I was officially and remotely coach from London to the College where royal kids where thought. Perhaps still are.

Continue also what I perceive my Pathways Ambassador duties that do not finish when I get the District Award, or my Pathways Guide help to the Un-districted clubs I have taken, after the time will officially finish. 

Districts create now Pathways Teams to continue helping and if I can I will be happy to help the online clubs with the same, in case someone does not fast takes on that task.

Between us, there are many full of enthusiasm  and as soon as I propose a task, someone takes it without waiting and discussing even. Some tasks I could do better or as well, but they even forget fast it was my idea. Did it happen to you?

Yesterday, we had Pathways Guide Virtual Support meeting, and a task was given to me, I am not sure if today, someone else did not begin working on it. We will see. Does not matter, I will find a task that is very specifically tailored to me for my Pathways Project. 

As I have no ambition to be the first, and already there are anyway at least 5 Pathways DTMs, the important will be to be there between those who have done it. And there is one thing no one can take from me: I will be the oldest between them! At least for some time. 

At the online club officers 'symposium' many officers gave very good and interesting 20 minute presentations, that ended by that of Carole. Of course, she put her blog on front of "New members Pathways survival pack" but immediately after it is this one with a link on her slide. I am proud to be there with Mark Snow Guides! Perhaps, my survival pack would not be exactly same, as the flow also would differ some, but what a wonderful presentation and slides. I begun to learn to create slides, but I am years behind her expertise in it.

I thought again, this morning, how happy I broke my leg in spring four years ago! If not, would I have ever discovered the online toastmaster club possibility? Assist to a meeting from home? One thing lead to the other and I got a new life!  

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