8 Aug 2018

Toastmaster's Promise

Remember: Attend the meetings and prepare projects the best of my abilities based by the Projects and fulfill the needed meeting assignments.

Remember: Provide helpful, specific and constructive evaluations, so it can be incorporated to the next speech.

Remember: positive, friendly environment. 

This Toastmaster Promise is on every membership application. The Toastmasters promise is outdated. 

I suppose that the number two was by now changed to be also for the Pathways Projects. So many forms and text have to be changed, if not yet, one after the other!  The one I usually did not print out was the "adhere to all the guidelines and rules": how can a new member know them? Now help to new members is even more needed then before. 

The same way, we do need to assign Mentors (or coaches) to all new members to help them prepare for the Pathways program. Prepare their computer, their browser and choose their first path. Understand what each mean and what are the differences. 

"One month is not enough to change a path"! I see again and again. So true! But there is no need to change a path when well helped to choose the in the first place. 
Even when we send new members the Pathways Companion, the Navigator or a link to it, my blog link, still it is needed that a Toastmaster explains them what are the Paths, Levels, what is the difference between Electives and Required, between web and printed material, what different Required at level 5 mean, how many levels they are and how to find fillable evaluations, how to access Tutorials. How to close a project. 

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