28 Aug 2018

Task by task, project by project, we grow and learn

Meeting by meeting, step by step, role by role, speech after speech. That is how we learn.

Saturday, Global Trainers Online meeting: Social speech number 1. Sunday, Firebirds Collective meeting, Evaluator. Monday, Royal Roads remote access, Social Speech number 2 and project completed.
10th from 12 Elective from Motivational Strategy. This picture is from Royal Roads Toastmasters, Virgin Islands Canada, John's speech about the importance of giving specific advices as evaluator. I loved his title "And then Krishn happened!" and him standing up, using remote access to advance in his slides and of course, this slide specifically too. I still have to learn that skill to click on a slide from afar on my computer. Tuesday, early morning up to visit Witty Birds, and I succeeded to offer a specific evaluation that was appreciated.

As Monday I have delivered the second of my Social Speech "right time right place" my evaluator told me, now I will be able to deliver the Focus on Positive.

That is what I am doing also with my lasts posts, try to focus on everything positive.

It is never all rose in life, but we can always focus in what goes well. We then feel more confident and progress faster.

Same faces in many places online, but always someone new comes in too. I understood today better the speech I already heard Sunday, and could take from it the positive instead of getting stuck in the part I did not agree with. I did mention it also but did not remain there or gave it too much importance.

Focus on Positive! That will be also my next Project. The task is long and important, but the speech after it can be done in only 2 to 3 minutes if so desired. That IS the difference between TASK and Project Speech in Pathways. Journaling, thinking about how to find the positive from whatever comes is very useful in my life, anybody's life, not just inside toastmasters. And even if I stop writing about it, I will not stop applying it again and again. It brings sunshine in the life.

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