31 Aug 2018

Easy? Not easy but worth it.

I got my 6th Level 1 approved. Now, soon the 6th Level 2 - just have to wait for the VPE to learn how. "It is easy for you, Julie!" I was told. Pathways beginnings were not "easy" to me, I had a lot that bothered me. I was persistent, and I got a great Mentor and good pals to discuss the problems.

Today, I went out and looked down at all the steps waiting for me. Is it easy to go down, and later up so many steps? 

It is not easy at all for me.

One step at a time, I learned to go down with my bad leg and up with the good one. One step at a time.

Is it worth going out? Was it worth going in the garden today? Is it worth going Level after level and Project after project? 

Nothing is easy in life. For me not easier then for anyone else. But when it is worth it!

Today, we tried to see how we can change my password, so others from my club committee could use my Zoom Pro from September on. A lot of time spend on it with Zaldy Co, our Sergeant of arms, and the President of Emperor online.

Zaldy's Emperor online had a meeting online later, and I evaluated the only speaker, who begun her pathways Icebreaker. It was a heartbreaking personal story.

Before the story, we all answered the same Table Topics Question, inspired by the Speech Contest: Stand Up...

So many different answers we got to the same title, the same question asked from us!

I was very happy to out in the garden towards noon, and then to assist to the Emperors Online meeting. I also listened again, to all the ten contestants, and wrote down what I learned.

First, I do like authenticity and humor. Stories of personal life. Second, one does not have to tell "all the truth" even if we inspire our stories from the truth. And thirdly, more problems and setbacks you have in a story, more interesting it becomes.

Of course, it has to satisfy and most of them finish well.

Failed many times at university? Finally, the fifth time you passed "cum laude".
Failed to hold a job after many years? You got into Toastmaster! Failed at a District contest three years ago? You got into world stage because, you did not give up, you stood up.
Failed at marriage after eight, long, blissful, interesting... month? There are many men in the convention! 

As for me, today, lots of pictures taken from the garden and had a great time. Got home. Arrived up all those stairs slowly, step by step. One step at a time. 
80 pictures of flowers and garden's mood taken today in wonderful weather

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