4 Aug 2018

Thanks to all clubs welcoming me!

Thanks to all the club that welcomed me this week, it took me just a week to get the Evaluation and Feedback done. I begun it in an online chartered club I am member, and wrote about my feedback yesterday. Then Wednesday, I went to my London club and gave the second speech incorporating as much as I could the advices. Friday, I was invited to Emperor Online, soon chartering, and there I could evaluate one of the speakers. Job done, I was able to tell the Project: I am done!

Here is how it can be done in a week, two speech and a task. Having clubs to visit where I am not member online is a boon, I help them and then help me. This is how I can sometimes advance fast.

Now, the Research and Present awaits me, till I find a tantalizing subject to research. Something I do not know a lot yet about. Till then, I will go back to the Level 3 of the Motivation strategy projects. That is why having three open path is so good, I can juggle between them as needed.

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