9 Aug 2018

Which program is from is not the most important

Telling a story from the Advanced manual Storytelling "full of emotion" or from Pathways Visionary Communication Level 1 Icebreaker or the Effective Coaching path's Evaluation and Feedback project "any story any style" are not what is the most important.

Tell a story, bring us into that moment in time, relieve the moment and take us there.

We can use all the materials we have and combine them in a gripping moment.

That is what three storytellers did two hours ago, at the Witty Storytellers Online club meeting. 

For me it opened at 5:30 as (see last picture) me and Michelle opened the doors. We got a story from 1944 told from Australia, a second one relatively recent, with the worry of a mother for her son's adult mentally problem, and one all the way from Oregon, but that happened long time ago in Philippines. The wonderful Table Topic questions come from Uzbekistan, some answered from India, others from London, and so on: all answered with stories.

Tell stories that matter to us, make them matter to others. They open up the gate in us for other stories from our life. We can tell stories, that are important to us, go into that moment of time, from "Traditional program projects" or from "Pathways projects". If they matter to us, if we learn how to bring the audience in the moment, they will be remembered. And we have so many different stories but mattering to many of us, to tell!

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