16 Aug 2018

L3 Understanding Voice Variety, a different Evaluation form!

Almost all forms are identical, only a few points at end differ, from Project to project's Evaluation form. I found one who is very different, in page two from the other ones.

Today, I delivered a speech, of course a personal story, or stories, for the Project Understanding voice variety, Level 3 Elective. The 7th elective from Motivational Strategy, where the minimum is 2 but there is maximum is all the 12. With the title "It hurts!" I did deliver a similar but not so well told story already for another project, online. This was in my brick-and-mortar club and it went really well.

The first page is the same as all others, "You Excelled, You may work on and Challenge yourself" the second page is called Speech Profile.

There are 18 criteria to give points under 6 categories : Loudness of Volume, Pitch, Voice Quality, Articulation, Rate, and at the end again, Vocal Variety (emotion, genial, natural) or (exaggerated, unfriendly, strained). I will have to scan to show all, as for example, only inside Rate, there are 10 variations to choose from. My pitch got 3 (middle from 1 to 5) but all the other between 4 and 5.

Most important, was how my evaluator explained in his feedback, that even if the project was Understanding Voice Variety, I told an interesting, captivating personal story where the voice went with the story without being strained or exaggerated.

I loved to discover the new Evaluation Form! I remember that I have given this project a year ago, and did not remember it had a specialized feedback form. I hope, with time, they will do the same with other forms and make them more appropriate to the Projects.

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