10 Aug 2018

Family reunion 2017 - my Icebreaker for Leadership Development

This is the image, my son had taken and below is the video of the story I just got to see.

My great grand-mother, Paula had 7 children, six survived to grow adults.
Her descendants live now in many countries, Canada, England, France, Israel, Romania, Hungary. 57 of them, counting spouses and children come to Paris and Normandy family reunion 1/3 September 2017. This one was taken in Normandy after lunch, the second day of our reunion.

I hope it remains but I am not sure. I could send it to this blog, but could not download it to my computer from unlisted youTube. Any suggestions how to achieve it? To make sure if the original is deleted the video remains?

I also tried to capture it with Replay Video Capture, will see what it gives transformed to Quicktime. And took some snapshots from the video. This is one of them.

I have told this story a few years back on stage at the Canal Café with Spark Storytellers, and I will also try to find that version. I found only a podcast of it in my other Blog, click on the "Blog" if you want to hear it.

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