25 Aug 2018

Social Speeches: Accepting an Award

Wonderful Online Toastmasters Clubs, this time the Global Trainers Online early Saturday meeting, offered me occasion to give one of two of my short 3 minute Social Speeches. Accepting an Award, one of the four different types we can choose from. As the President of Royal Roads was present, (first in the picture) I felt it was most appropriate.

On the screen Brian, Last year's President of Royal Roads, who invite me to become Club Coach and helped me become the first remote access Club Coach. "Royal Roads college from Victoria, Ca was used long time for royal kids from London"! And of course, I live in London.

After my speech we had a round evaluation, and my speech was appreciated.
Here are the three points to include in an Acceptance Speech, and it seems I did well on all three of them. As image, I did show the Club Coach award that just arrived from Toastmasters International. One more step, was the title of my speech, as it brings me one more step nearer the Pathways D.T.M.

In a previous post, reading only the Evaluation form, I presumed that only one speech was asked from us, but in fact it is "one in a meeting". Yesterday, I did read, study more carefully the Project and realized that I have to give 2 different Social Speeches in 2 different meetings to accomplish it. So, now one is done, can prepare for the next one, as soon as the occasion comes. Will try to create at least two different one's to have it in "my pocket" whenever I can give it the best.

After having given the Acceptance speech, I begun to warm up to this kind of speeches too, where we can thank to all who helped us to achieve it. Pathways Projects ARE useful!

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