17 Aug 2018

Members of multiple clubs transcripts and awards

You do need to change your home club prior to submitting a level completion request on Base Camp. Not for submitting it to Club Central.

Members of multiple clubs will need to communicate regularly with their VPEs about level completions and how those completions should be awarded on Club Central for the Distinguished Club Program. No VPE or Committee member should submit a Level Completion without the Toastmaster accord.

Once a Pathways level has been completed, members will need to tell VPEs of every club to which they belong about the completion and communicate which club should submit the award to Club Central for credit.

Base Camp managers are able to view an individual member’s transcript and progress by searching their name. If a Base Camp manager would like to view the progress of all members in the club who are "in" as base club members, they can do so from the member learning reports. 

To access these reports, log in to Base Camp as a Base Camp manager and select the Member Progress tile. As a member or Base Camp manager, you can retrieve a list of everyone in your club by typing your club number or club name in the search box and then pressing enter. You will see the names of each member in your club. Select a name to view that member’s profile.

If you are a club officer and log in to Base Camp as a Base Camp manager, selecting the Pathways icon or selecting Home from the upper left navigation bar will take you to the Base Camp manager home page. This is the expected functionality. 

(From QA Master log for Guides)

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