19 Aug 2018

My road toward the Pathways DTM

Here is how it is explained by TMI
Club Leadership: a year that can be also twice 6 month. I have been Secretary in one club and VP Education in another, for all along my Pathways Journey, more then a year in all.

Club Sponsor, I was from last year in July, we chartered the club in September. Got the Sponsor recognized. I was last year and still am the club's SgArm.

District Leadership. Pathways Ambassador for D91 recognized but I did not yet get it from TMI. I already been told, I got it from our district Chief Pathways Ambassador, and even a gift with it. In plus, as Pathways Guide to the Undistricted clubs, in September, will get another leadership recognized. Also inside the Pathways time.

Club Coach: for Royal Road Toastmaster. I got 2 days ago a beautiful award or recognition for it from TMI as the club got more then Distinguished and gained more then 5 members, with it's committee effort and Brian Dodds, and a little help from me, sending them members and giving advices, as much as I could. Perhaps, the first time, a Club Coach acted from remote access, but most of it's member met online anyway, and we had the accord of the District Leadership for it, from the beginning.

Education : 2 path finished required, and I will be able to choose which, from the 4 path already done.

The only task before me yet is the Distinguished Toastmaster Project. I am on it.

Looking back, all are "inside" Pathways time, even if I did not do it express. Getting a Pathways D.T.M. will be a special joy for me as I am one of the "oldest" but very strong enthusiast of Pathways Educational Program. As it is, as it will become, and as it can already be used.

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