31 Oct 2017

"If you want to, you'll find a way" Vic (& Julie?)

Vic Lindal preparing his speech for the District
Conference, speaking before audience.

But before he begins to speak, he does prepare also, as Sudha does a mind map. Today, it is the third time that suddenly I hear about a mind map software and even of Tony Buzan who did propose it the first time. Paul also send me a mind map and pic with him this evening.

Each time, before Vic speaks, he does this kind of mind mapping about it, he told us about it tonight at Royal Roads online meeting. Noon for them, evening for me in London.
And here is his presentation so different, and at the same time following what he decided to do. I did not got the impression that "Julie Story" was so small part of it... Of course, I am subjective.

Yesterday morning, Monday, 30 Octobre 2017, I got a mail from Vic, inside, there was a link to a YouTube video of one of his conferences with it. "I will look at it later" I told myself. I wrote a blog post, read other mails, and finally, towards 9 am, got to open his video. 

What? Is that really me on the screen behind him?

I was not aware, when we Zoomed together, that I will find myself on that screen, as an example. Still, I can not say, I am not happy to find this, and our Zooming together example used to speak about Toastmasters use of technology. Mentoring through Zoom. As I was writing yesterday early morning.

What a great speaker, Vic Lendal, connecting with his audience. Using examples, stories. Asking audience interaction, moving around. So much energy! And giving examples. And yes, making the audience remember: "great speakers use Stories to connect". Stories that stick, stories that remain in mind. His way to combine video for a short time with the stories he wanted to tell: great!

Even if it were not me there up the screen!

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