16 Jun 2018

Active listening and Request Remote Control

I did come to my computer with my coffee and toasted bred at 5 am, too early for the 6 am meeting. "Anyway, I did write to the VPEs that I will not do the VSS (virtual support sessions) of Saturdays till end of June". But who knows, yesterday someone come when it was not expected at all! 

So, I decided to be there by 6 am anyway.

After breakfast, I went to my Base Camp, opened the required project Level 3 in the Motivational Strategies path "Emotional Intelligence" and read it through again. So much to absorb! A bit lost, but not totally. So much material, and interesting, too.

I emerged looking at my email: Sarah was waiting me at Zoom!

Rush to open my zoom, to dress (that I forgot early morning) and then I could open my video. We begun to speak. 

"I am not yet on pathways" she said me, but it turned out she already had a path, Presentation Mastery and was even used to navigate the Base Camp. She needed to understand how to give feedback. For someone who gave her second speech (incorporating evaluation) in the Feedback and Evaluate project. 

May I share my screen? Yes, of course, do it, I answered. We discovered together, where to go to find the Evaluation Forms (Resources) and launch them (curious we have to launch a form to read it and save it)! Then somehow she lost it before saving and I asked to show her - on her screen.
Here is part of the screen with the Request Remote Control in the Zoom. She granted me and I could show her a few things and find the place to recover the form instead of marking it complete. From now on, I will know it for myself also. And the feeling of control remote a screen from London all the way to Nairobi was so powerful! 

But it did not solve the problem. We closed the screen, and begin to discuss. Active listening to her finally, did solve her problem. She had to evaluate a Second speech, so what was the suggestion? The first time the speech was delivered monotone. Voice variety! Yes, you can show her where she did vary her voice better this time! 

The Understanding Emotional Intelligence project I just studied again, before we met, helped me to listen better to her needs, beside helping her to some Base Camp features and understanding others better myself. Communication is always two ways, and coaching often helps the trainer! From now on, Sarah will be the one to show her club member how to navigate! "Yes, I will come back and tell you how it went..." let me copy and past somewhere else your email and blog addresses from the Chat.

It was a very useful morning for me and a happy beginning.

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