21 Jun 2018

Pathways Road to DTM

Of course, one has to finish two path. How long it takes? It depends on you and the path. It depends on how much time you dedicate to it and how many clubs you are in.

In plus, at the end, there is a DTM Project. Some say "light HPL" but is it "light" just because it is our own responsibility without a "committee" to help us? We have to find our goal, useful for an organization, a small team. Give a speech before and after realizing what we decided, using all the knowledge accumulated in different Projects.

In plus, be club officer a year or twice six month. A year, district officer. For me, it will be done, if either my Ambassador or Guide work is recognized. June or end August. Otherwise  use or be an Area Director or an elected District role for a year.

In plus, be either club mentor, from chartering for at least six month or a year, or Club Coach for a club with a very low membership: 5 at minimum new members and at least distinguished till June. This, I have achieved end June now, the club I am Coach got it. 

In plus, be a Club Sponsor, I was for a club that chartered last September, and it was recognized. Or held a Speechcraft or a Youth Leadership Program. Both of them yet to be changed so they are more Pathways, but one of our online club members did hold a Speechcraft, all based on Level 1.

It is not the paths that will take more time, if you do not have yet the other requirements in my opinion, even when you are in only one club. As for the Levels, they have to be declared to Club Central in order, by anyone of the club officers. See the 28 March post about how to do them. What is sure, you can not declare a Level 4 before having declared the lower levels, but if we are in multiple clubs, we can declare them to any club, any time. One after other. 

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