26 Jun 2018

Up levels, step by step

Looking up to the stairs going to my flat, it seems to me "it will be difficult"! And when I look a special angle the steps seem even higher. Yet, yesterday I went up and down twice the 27 steps. I could do them. 

Either thinking at something different, or one step at a time when it felt more difficult. That is one of the reasons, we have levels, as I have three levels of steps also in the building. Yes, no elevator. Have to go up, step by step by myself.

The first level, more steps, this is already a picture of level 2 with less steps, only seven. Sometimes, the "only seven" seems tougher to me then the first, when I start. Depending of the day. 

With Pathways, those who start, like the levels, and have no problem with them. Some of us already experienced, would like to see where we will be going. Of course, we can read descriptions, but only after finished a path have access to at least 36 projects. From then on, we do know, only three will be different for another path and even those not always. Some projects repeat.

Sometimes, the last Level, the last steps, seem more difficult. Higher, then the rest of them. 

In Pathways, it is natural, as the last level is to show our Expertise. Here they seem higher only because I took them from another angle, lower up. 

Depending how we look, the Pathways projects are also easier or more difficult, from path to path, from level to level. Even when they are in fact the same. So much depends on us! Of course, also our own experience. Skills are learned by repeating, going for it again and again. Then stopping and reflecting upon them. 

Today, I went out earlier to walk, not only went farther but faster. Took more photos then videos, my leg begun to speak to me only halfway towards home. It will be a warm day! 

I went this time, not only to the bench, where I did not stop going, only when I came back, but to the pavilion that can be seen from afar.  I sit a bit there, near the bus station. 

It separates, the small part of the Heath, from the big part of it, where the Marathon starts, where the fireworks are started. And in hot weekends, many people go to picnic with family. Of course, others go into the park, but less sit down there.

Already at seven in the morning, as I arrived back home was really warm. The important, I did it again. My leg will get used again to walk. As I hope, you will get used to the pathways projects and skills proposed.
Near the pavilion a bus station. One of the mornings, I will take the bus and go far.

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Marguerite said...

Love the analogy between a walking, climbing, and Pathways. Indeed, it's similar- easier at first, then adding a little, bit by bit.