12 Jun 2018

Pathways road towards DTM

Two different paths, that was done for some time for me. The question for me was only which of the four finished do I want to my Pathways DTM? It will be the VC and LD my two favored paths so far.

Visionary Communication, my first path and which send me on a road I am still now.

Leadership Development, showed me how much we can personalize a path. It was about creating events, I did create Storytelling Events, Personal Storytelling Events. And all along demonstrated the importance of Personal stories, by showing how long they can linger and how strong may influence. It also demonstrated me the potential of  collaboration between toastmasters from different parts of world and with different paths yet going to the same direction.

I was Club Officer more then a year, in more then one club. VPE in one, Sg Arm in another and Secretary in the third. That will be no problem. Still am. 

My District Officer year will be, probably my work six month as Pathways Ambassador or my work as Pathways Guide and Ambassador combined, that I am still doing. One role finishes this month, the other will later in the fall. I feel, I did my best in both positions.

The other two roles come to me through other Toastmasters who appreciated what I did. When I created a new club, I did not name myself Sponsor or Mentor, so when creating her new club, she did name me Sponsor. I am still continuing helping after the chartering, both clubs. 

And the last? I was asked to Mentor a club with low attendance. It did grow, very slowly. A wonderful club, and becoming Distinguished and more was no problem, only arriving to increase the membership. I also helped there with pathways and zooming together with different members. Only yesterday, I did not wake up to assist to the meeting, but I love their atmosphere and members too. And they also let me speak when I needed. I hope, they will keep us so well as they started and go up from there. 

I had a DTM project in mind, but it is not clear enough in my mind who are in my team. It is useful to Toastmasters and to my District, but if it does not work out, I have another in mind. I learned so much during the 15 last month that I have enough material to go farther with it and do not feel any more that I have to get it soon. 

I read somewhere, it is not the destination which is most important but the road to it.

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