7 Jun 2018

Pathways Ambassador from fall 2015

What is this? REP Ambassador?

Somehow, we think everyone knows, what we know. Even when we do not know what everyone else knows. 

I published this yesterday on my Facebook page, and more then one asked me "what?" What where you? What are you?

I am still Ambassador in District 91, at the same time from March, become Guide plus Ambassador for Undistricted clubs.

REP ?  Revitalised Education Program, REP was the name of Pathways before. For years. I was volunteer in my Area for it from fall 2015 already, as soon as the Chief REP Ambassador in our district was named and formed a group around her.

We have waited for information for long time and tried to learn as much as possible. 

"No more separate tracks for Communication and Leadership" was the first information I got. Wonderful! We did not have time for signing evaluations for the roles in CL during the break in our club! We wanted to network, speak to each other. And most, forget to bring it anyway. For me, it always seemed confusing, and when finally, I understood, I had to help others at least an hour each to complete even if they did the roles. And explain.

Second problem were the guests who did not need to hear that in some time, all the education program will change. They needed to understand, the current CC manual first projects, and that is what I finally ended up explaining most of the time during my visits. Important was to establish good relationships for the time when... it will arrive.

Then REP name changed to Pathways. Only the name changed, when it was nearer arriving. We got different paths available before us, which one we take? That is how I seen it. Others where (and some still are) at the stage: "do I want the change"? But less and less now that Pathways rolled out everywhere.

What IS Pathways? What I the Education Program I get? That was the preoccupation yesterday for the Guests and our new member who joined now and will not really know anything else. Young and used to computer, he was happy when I told, all material is available online. 

Only one of the oldest veteran 'seasoned' member reacted with unhappiness about it. He is a VPE that still did not choose it's path. "No time". My project was "Tell something your audience does not know about" so Pathways about which most did not know was a great subject. The only problem was that the LEVEL of not knowing becomes more and more different. 

So I told too detailed, or too much. But "you delivered it very well!" 

I have to find an "elevator pitch" for only guest who did not know the "traditional" education system. Without comparing, as I did till now, for those who were on it. At the same time, being open to answer when asked specific questions "how can I"? "now?" Also have to help those who become members to choose (or not choose) some paths. 
Modified by me, with the path I have done noted. In red "avoid" in green "most loved"
All path are ok, but some path are not for a beginner in my opinion. As most of my club members, 9 years now, did NOT go through High Performance Leadership, no one else then me so far in fact, the three paths that finish with HPL should be avoided as First Paths for beginners. Other three paths, finish with six month leading a team. Those who have teams outside Toastmasters or are ready to be at least Committee Members in the club, sometime soon, go for them, the others, do choose the 4 path that do not require any of them.

I did add here this graph, but I will take one or two other blog post in the future to explain it in detail. And perhaps, cut it in two so it can be seen better. 

I got yesterday lots of fruits for thought. Is it how you say it? Lots to reflect about.

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