10 Jun 2018

Pathways in different languages

I got used by now to use Tutorials, and I am so happy to see the different languages that some of them are there. I suppose as much as for now, the Paths are available. 

in order to arrive here, you have to go UNDER the Tutorials and click in Grey.
Yes, as for me, I use them mostly in English, rarely also in French. Next week I am invited to speak about Pathways in TLI held in Montpellier, France and I am also Pathways Guide to a club that speaks in French from Tunis. Already did also speak to Guides in Haiti. French culture is also global, even if less nowadays then English.
The Navigator is also available in many languages and the Base Camp Glossary. Mostly, these days, I go to the place to download fillable Evaluations, for my online clubs. At some day, I am sure even the evaluations from the projects will be easy to fill online, as they were in the very early days, when Adobe did not realize he should be paid for the till then Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF reader filling capacity. 

Not only, TMI programming team has to offer languages, disability use, new paths and electives, but also take in consideration the different software releases on the major devices used to access web and online, and changes in browsers, and different software companies who suddenly offer, "better" solutions but make it payable. Not easy.
Here are three evaluation resources, I launched and saved the Motivate Others recently, I begun to do it with all then decided to take them as I need, one by one.
Here are some others, you could be interested in the beginning. Yesterday, I took from these the Generic-Evaluation Resource. I call it myself "form" not resource. Saved it in a folder called Basic PDFs. The three Evaluation and Feedback forms, in an other folder, called Level 1 Projects on my computer. I will have to back up all my folders soon, even if I pay for "I-tune" and "google" backup too, on an usb device too.

Also downloaded again the 360° Evaluation, used in many places, that I decided to send out to my club President, some of my club executive team pals, and some members. After almost two years, VPE and creating meetings, my time finishes this month. From July, I will be club president. I need to look back and reflect. The 360 evaluations, I hope will help to do a deeper reflection on what went well and what did not go as expected. Some unexpected is wonderful, but if one does not loose its vision. To be determined, what needs to be brought back and what can be let go next TM year.

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