25 Jun 2018

Walk for Pathways and all without proper documents

I went from home to the Heath, a few minutes from my place this morning.  From the first Heath bench (only one in that alley) this is what I could see.

Let me try to add some videos I have taken this morning during my early walk out.

I think photography is for me easy, video very difficult. How to show the background and me? But each time we learn, we are very beginners. So I did leave my cup empty (and had a coffee in the morning before starting out.) If the first video is not working, this will. I hope.

Inspiration came from Michelle who went live on Facebook 10th time now, she does aim to 77! It worked for her, without breakfast. It did work for me today, the first time, with breakfast. I have to move, have to walk, and showing it is an incentive to go out. I walked with my Pathways tea-shirt. 

And a bit also for all those without "proper" documents, as reading this morning at six am facebook discussions, I remembered when I was ten, arriving in Budapest station from home city, we did not have our "documents" and were not allowed to go out of the station. Had to stay long time near the train, me holding my mother hand, and not being allowed to ask "what happened"? My father was supposed to come pick us up.

It turned later out, he was not allowed to enter the station with "the documents" to show them. Finally, he found someone to bribe to let him in and in the now empty station, except us and the guard, he showed the papers: "here are the documents, here are the documents!" Finally, we were let to leave. 

On a walk with me through an empty morning street, my parents explained me the "documents" and the names we will have to live from now on. We had new names. Why? But I was 1 year older on them. Wonderful! For me it was easy, they remained dad and mom. For them less, they had to learn each two new names. I lived like this during the last nazi period, for a whole year. Me not going to school, not going to play with anyone else so I do not risk to tell. Hiding in a cellar, the last three month, as the Russian army come to "liberate" us.

As soon as they arrived, they came with arms and asked all young women to go with them, did not ask for "documents" or did not care who you were or why there. Then we had to flee from them. We did finally, through the still icy Danube river. "And the Ice did not Break": that was my Icebreaker story in 2009, that I gave as mystery speaker in Evaluation Contest. We could cross, as we took almost nothing with us. Again. Crossed the river to the other side, where the life was more secure, women where less in danger, but we had nothing to eat. Took us a few difficult weeks to find someone to take us "home" and by then, "home" become another country. We went on the top of a small pickup car, that smuggled usually food when going back. 
Brick and mortar gate and wall on my street
I walked today for Pathways, for personal stories and all those without "proper documents". I walked also to get back my mobility: use it so you do not loose it.

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