5 Jun 2018

Most visited Posts Now

As I approach 60,000 visits to my posts, I looked at which are the one most visited. This ten stand now up between all others. Two tops deal with how to choose a path. Welcome to Pathways had now been read 1500 times. The third, about looking farther then the Education Transcript, Paths and Projects to discover different trainings and materials offered. Pat Johnson video QA jumped up recently, as also How to fill in the Evaluation Form. Answers, mostly to what Toastmasters asks themselves. 

If I look at stats for last month, it is different, of course those I showed on Facebook lately are up but also those for newcomers in pathways.
Pat Johnson Keynote with QA was the preferred last month with almost 650 views. I will soon celebrate the 60,000 then wait for the 100,000 visit. I am helped by the many questions posed, in the Pathways Forum but also from the clubs I am Guide to. 

At the same time, continuing to describe my own experience. Pathways learning and using but also discussing it. Sometimes, we are asked "again, the same?" Today, I did go up and down this for two long minutes. Easy with right foot, very difficult with the left. A month ago, using my left foot to step up, seemed impossible. Today I could! Skills are not learned or relearned in a day.
With time, I will be able to do it in my staircase too. Till now, I tried only the last ten steps, and boy, I felt my feet and ankle after it. But will try it again. So is with some of the projects. While many seem easy or are for many, others we have to work on more.

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